Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Call for Brain Campers

I'm a member of the Atlanta-based art collective lovingly named Brain Camp. The core group of us have been friends for years, and while all of us are creative in varied ways, Paige Hanserd took the reins in getting us to finally collaborate. Our first show was at MINT Gallery, one of my favorite galleries in Atlanta, and I think it was a total success (mainly due to Paige's super-hard work). Now we're in the planning stages of our next show, to take place at The Cottage (a vague, and not-yet-disclosed location in East Atlanta) and its surrounding quarries. We've found that we have an abundance of space outside of the cottage and that the show has room for some guest artists to participate alongside our core group.

So! A call to artists:

Brain Camp is seeking a limited number of installation and 3D artists interested in exhibiting with their core group and utilizing the outdoor space and the rock quarries for our next show, taking place May 28th. Traditional artists are welcome as well, though wall space is extremely limited, so we urge any interested artists in considering installing their work outside. 

Please contact Kelly McKernan at she@kellymckernan.com with your name, contact information, website, and any other pertinent information including any proposals of how your work can be displayed in the outdoor environment. Those who are selected will be notified by April 15th.

Here are some images from our last show at MINT Gallery to give y'all a feel of our work:

More information on Brain Camp can be found at these links:

Brain Camp on Facebook
Brain Camp on Twitter
Brain Camp on Tumblr

Please pass this information along! Thanks yo.

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