Thursday, April 7, 2011

A coupla new pieces

Recently, the ever wonderful Gallery Nucleus via Alhambra, California, contacted me with an invitation to participate in their online exhibition, Power In Numbers. I kinda freaked out, since GN is a pretty big deal and shows many of my favorite artists and illustrators. Of course, I said yes. Unfortunately, I couldn't create anything until a couple days ago after working 5 weeks on illustrating the previously mentioned children's book (a post on that coming soon) and then 2 weeks in Nashville on a super-secret but awesome project (unfortunately, no post on that coming soon, since I signed a confidentiality agreement).

Anydangway, here are the two pieces I made for the exhibition. Both measure 5" x 7" and were created with watercolor on watercolor paper.


Detail Images:


 Detail Images:

Soon, the pieces will be added to the online gallery and will be available for purchase at $100 each, with a percentage going to the World Wildlife Fund. Yay!

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