Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

As I'm preparing pieces for my upcoming show with Marcy Starz at Beep Beep Gallery, I'm going through older pieces and removing them from their stretcher bars so that I can reuse them (save money!). Also, it's that spring cleaning time of year, and I'm trying to consolidate my space. While I've got several older pieces residing at various galleries (there's quite a few at Cornbred Gallery, fyi), there's still a few at my home that I just don't have room for anymore.

So! Spring Cleaning Sale over at my Facebook page!

Many of the pieces are without their stretcher bars, so that shipping is a bajillion times easier (the painting can just be rolled), and they can then just be framed on the other end. A few others are smaller pieces that I don't feel have had much of an opportunity to be bought, so I want them to have one last chance before I stow them away indefinitely.

Here are a few of the things up for grabs:

22" x 22"

$150 + $10 shipping (in US, includes insurance)

Ships rolled in tube. If you would prefer the stretcher bars not removed from piece, the price adjustment is $200 + $25 shipping.

"Domestic Engineer" (alternate view)
6" x 6" x 2"

$45 + $10 shipping (in US, includes insurance).
Stretcher bars are not removed.

"Everything Is Fine"
15" x 20"

$115 + $10 shipping (in US, insurance included).

Created for a David Lynch Tribute show, this piece was inspired by "Eraserhead." If you would prefer the stretcher bars not removed, the price adjustment is $165 + $25 shipping.

More of the pieces available can be found here. Please follow the instructions at the page if you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces. Also, all purchases will include two postcard prints that will not be officially released until June. Yay!

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