Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Festival Festivities

My craft show frenzy is over! Artlantis and ICE were a blast! I especially enjoyed Artlantis because it's run by my favorite Atlanta boys, James McConnell and Mark Basehore of Beep Beep Gallery. I swear, Atlanta would certainly be less of an interesting place without all of their hard work! I also enjoyed getting to display my wares in a sea of booths of some of my favorite fellow Atlanta artists! But best of all was getting to meet so many people that are collectors of my work, both recent and avid fans of years! It's totally humbling and encouraging to meet those that spend their hard-earned money on a print or, better yet, an original painting of mine. I tried to make a point to thank everyone I met for supporting local artists - seriously! Without you guys, I couldn't continue doing what I love for a living!

And, amazingly, the heat didn't get to me until much later in the day... it wasn't until about 5pm that I started doing goofy, heat-exhaustion inspired things. One of these was giving incorrect change on frequent occasions, or giving change when it wasn't needed. Whew!

The following weekend was Indie Craft Experience. It wasn't the easiest, smoothest, or monetarily successful of events for me... Darick Ritter of Lumi9 Painting(my booth-mate) and I ran into numerous problems over the weekend. And, due to unfortunate events, Darick had to skip out on Sunday, so I was on my own in our booth. However, like the previous weekend at Artlantis, I had the pleasure of meeting many people who already had prints or original paintings of mine.

Now, with the two shows over, I have some leftover items that I normally don't have available for purchase online... Notebooks and paper wallets! Click the images to be taken to the shop.

They're only available in extremely limited quantities, so be sure to grab them while you can!

Meanwhile, I'm still working hard on my upcoming show in July with Marcy Starz at Beep Beep Gallery. Here's an in-progress image of one of the paintings...

I think that's it for now! OH, nope, I lied! I have started an email newsletter, which is the best way to keep up with new, shows, new pieces, and whatnot of mine if you're not an avid facebook-checker. You can sign up below!

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