Sunday, July 17, 2011

Post-Willful Wiles

Whew! It's all done, and it's taken me a full week to recover.

I'm so very, very happy with how the show turned out. The installation came together with very few bumps, the artwork was finished in time, and best of all - everything looked cohesive and the statement sat strong with the show.

If you missed the opening, haven't caught the show yet, and don't live in Atlanta, see for yourself!

Here are the finished pieces:

 For the moment, there are only two prints from this series: Relinquish and Satiate, but don't worry, more will be coming soon!

In other news, I'm on Google+ and you can add me at this link.

That's it for now! Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening!


O'Melly said...

The show looks great Kelly! I love your work, it's very inspiring for me. I feel like I don't have the time to complete my art, but this makes me feel like I need to MAKE time for my art!

Alice Renard said...

Hoping I can make the show this week! Love your work and how it continually develops. Good luck as you continue; beautiful work!

clarissacorona said...

Your artwork is breathtaking! It's inspiring me to whip out my sketchpad.


Anonymous said...

heavy Audrey influence...