Friday, August 5, 2011

Where it began - Part I

So, I don't really have any fun, new, or interesting things to update on. I'm working on a couple of commissions and getting ready to start my new part time job as an after school nanny, since, unfortunately, art does not pay for all the bills, food, and rent just yet.

Oh, wait, I have two recent things to update on:

1. I made a Facebook album of all the current original paintings I have available for sale. You can view that  here.
2. I released a limited edition print of "Asunder" today, and you can purchase that here.

Okay, so let's talk about things that are not so recent (and thank goodness for that, because...). I was thinking of all the horrible art I made growing up. I'm pretty sure that up until the age of 13, all I drew or painted were fairies, cats, princesses, and everything in between. Oh, and female superheroes... one in particular I remember beat up mean cheerleaders. Anyhow, I don't have access to those drawings, since they're in a box at my parent's house. I'll save those morsels for Part Two at a later date.

Hey, I could color in the lines! 
See? Princesses, Kitties... Princess Kitty.

I do, however, have access to the horrible art I began posting online, beginning with my DeviantArt account, which I began August 15, 2002, at the beginning of my junior year of high school. I hope this experience isn't as painful for you as it will be for me... but let's dive in, shall we?
It begins with Harry Potter. Oh Lord. Probably did this at 13 or 14.
Pretty lady... Can't read that date, but it's not a terrible!

This is where it gets painful. I think I was 14 when i did this. Drawing things out of magazines.
Yikes. (At 15)

This looks like my first foray into Photoshop. I'm cringing.

Chalk pastel on velour paper. I remember being sooo proud of this one. Still 15.

So, this was apparently my 2nd attempt at watercolor. Ah, the beginnings of love!

I really loved charcoal. Still at 15yrs.

Ooooh man, I remember being so proud of this piece. Chalk pastel.

Ha! See, fairy lady thing! Hiding the hands because I didn't know how to freehand draw them.

Ugh, so much photoshop.

Aw, this was fun. Around this time I was drawing a lot of fashion-y things.

This is when things started getting weird and I loved it. This was in my senior year.

I was really interested in mixed media and using ink and watercolor. Also really interested in psychological stuff.

I think this was the last thing I painted my senior year. Fish obsession: Begun.

And... we'll stop there. Part two will happen the next time I visit my parent's. 

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Vicky said...

I think it's cool that you posted your early art. :) Helps remind us that we all started from somewhere.