Saturday, September 10, 2011

Word-Smithery Contest!

One of the most inspiring things to me are words. I have always had a fascination with words and their meanings and they way they sound and the emotions they evoke. This comes into play foremost when titling my work - I choose the titles very carefully because I believe they serve as an essential clue to understanding the painting. 

I began keeping a list of words that I found interesting in my sketchbooks, starting in 2008. The lists began as only tangible things that would lend themselves as ideas to turn into elements in my paintings. The lists began to become more conceptual and heavier in meaning over the last year. I also began pulling titles for my paintings from these recent lists, and in a few cases, a certain word would inspire a large part of the painting's mood and then would later become the title. 

Recently, I finished up a sketchbook I began in January 2011, so I ventured out to find a new sketchbook. This also meant beginning a new list, with a new challenge - to create a list void of tangible things, unlike my past lists that combined everything. This forces my process to evolve, which is always an exciting prospect!

Anyhow! Here's where you come in: My current list is small, and on average, I only add 3-5 words a week when I think of them (and I have to do it immediately, or I forget!). I would love for you guys to help me make that list larger! 

RULES: Comment HERE with word suggestions! You can see with the photo above some examples of what sort of words I find appealing. More examples can be found by checking out the titles of my paintings.

You may enter as many times as you like! The contest ends Sunday, September 18th at 11:59pm EST. The winners will be announced Tuesday, September 20th. 

WINNERS: Three winners will be chosen! While I'm sure I will fall in love with many of the entries, the top three that appeal to me the most will be chosen. There will be a first, second, and third place.

First place: $50 gift certificate to my shop
Second place: $25 gift certificate to my shop
Third place: $15 gift certificate to my shop

If you do not have/use Facebook, you may comment on this note for your entry (though FB is preferred!). Thanks!

Have fun!

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