Friday, October 14, 2011

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

Quick Post! Ten Things You May Not Know About Me:

photo by Michelle Scott Photography

1. I have a hole in my brain! I get chronic migraines and headaches and I got an MRI a few years back to make sure everything was a-ok up there. Turns out the tiny hole was formed with my brain, and it doesn't affect anything.

2. I have a lazy eye! I've trained myself to use it so it doesn't go wonky, so you don't really see it unless I'm sleepy or intoxicated. It was dubbed as Shifty McShiftimus years ago.

3. I have ridiculously tiny feet. I wear a size 5 in women's, but a good portion of my shoes are children's sized 2.5.

4. I love bugs and insects and creepy crawly things, especially spiders. There is only one thing I cannot stand: cockroaches.

5. When I have to keep a day job (since art-making isn't quite full-time-bill-paying-work), I work with children. I have been an art camp teacher, a preschool teacher, and a nanny. I'm currently the latter to 3 awesome kids.

6. I'm incapable of whistling.

7. I once wrote a fanfiction between the ages of 15 and 16 that reached 53,000 words before I quit it - which is the size of the average novel.

8. I'm a Jehovah's Witness. I wasn't raised as one and no one in my family is, either, but at 19 I was introduced to it, and everything made too much sense to not pass up.

9. I am an INxJ, according to the Myers-Brigg personality type indicator. The x means that I am equally an INFJ and INTJ. I've often a very rational thinker, but sometimes my emotions take over the reason.

10. When I'm stressed, I bake cupcakes.

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