Thursday, January 12, 2012


Woo! My first completed painting of 2012! And I've actually got several more to do in the next couple of weeks...

This is "Clandestine" and she was painted with watercolor on 14" x 20" Fabriano 300gsm hot press watercolor paper. This is for an upcoming show at Beep Beep Gallery called "Another Green World" opening in February. Each artist in the show is creating a piece based on one of the 14 songs in the album of the same name by Brian Eno. My assignment was "Little Fishes." What I mainly pulled from the song were the colors. Murky greens, yellow-gold shimmers, and pops of red and pink (I'm a sound-color synesthete, by the way).

Without further ado, here are some process images with the final piece at the end.

Coming up in February, I am participating in three shows, including the aforementioned. I will also be at Young Blood Gallery for "What's Not To Love" and a nude-themed show at Kibbee Gallery. Yay Ponce Crush!

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