Monday, January 16, 2012


My second completed piece of 2012! This is "Desinence" and she measures 14" x 18" and was painted in watercolor. You can see her in person at Young Blood Gallery for the "What's Not To Love?" show, opening February 4th.

This piece is a little different from some of my previous work. I think that after finishing "Clandestine" I wanted something more crisp, shocking, and emotive. The word desinence came up on Dictionary Word of the Day a little while back, and I put it in my archive of potential titles. It means "A termination or ending, as the final line of a verse." It seems permanent and committed, and I felt that it fits the piece.

Here are some process images, and then the final piece is at the end.


Lavina said...

I love how you conceptualize your paintings, it's so beautiful and different; also, the paper you use is fantastic, it's like you're painting on marble! Beautiful work!

Patricia said...

Wow I love it... It's just, i can't find the words, really good work!