Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Limited Edition Prints!

First off, one of my latest pieces, "Desinence" is available as a super limited edition print with 1XRun! There are only 17 remaining out of 25 prints. The catch with 1XRun is that these are time-limited releases, too, so you can only purchase one of the prints within the week they're released. There are currently only 4 days left! There was also an even more limited run of embellished prints, but those have already sold out. They are only $40, so they're quite affordable! And the quality is fantastic!

Click to be taken to 1XRun!

I've also released a limited edition print of "Predicate" at my shop! It's a gorgeous print - take a look!

Click to be taken to my shop!
In other news, I am busy with a few commissions, but I am available to take on one or more in the next month, so please contact me at she (at) if you wish to inquire about commissioning me.

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Jasmine Martin said...

Beautiful work. What do you print your artworks on? Photographic paper, etc?